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Twinkle Stars EEC and Ben's Day Care Welcomes you to new academic year 2020/21 Starting Date: 13th July 2020 Available programs: 1. Day care - offline type. Children visits day care center 5 times a week (Monday - Friday) Open for children between 2 - 9 years old. Services: - Home cooked healthy meals - Small number of children in one class - Integrated developmental area (academic and non academic) - New normal protocols - Bilingual program - Kids' facilities 2. Combination schooling - online type. Children learn from home. 5 times a week (Monday to Friday) Open for children between 14 months - 6 years old Services: - Monthly home learning pack (play set and worksheets) - Video conference support (individual/small group approach) - Parenting seminar - Integrated developmental area (academic & non academic) - Bilingual program (please be informed that once situation is permitted, children may come 2 times per week to play and learn at schooling center) We provide extra remedial classes for children with learning difficulties with extra fee. For further information about the programs and fees, please contact Call/WA: +62 815-1344-9094 Email: [email protected] IG: twinklestarsjkt Website: www.twinklestarseec.com





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